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FML [Friday 18th Sep @ 11:47pm]
Today, I finally worked up the courage to ask a cute guy for his number. Once he had given me his, he asked for mine. My initial happiness was deflated when he said "Ok, now I can just block every message from you." And walked away from me. FML

Today, my friends took my phone and changed all the contact's names to characters from Harry Potter. I have over a hundred contacts and no idea who I'm talking to. I've been texting Draco Malfoy for 4 hours now. FML

Today, I fell down the stairs and broke my arm. I went into hospital to get it put in a cast, but still went into school afterwards. I got written up for truancy because I didn't have a doctor's note. The cast was still on my arm. FML

oh fucking funny. i visit the site on a daily basis. cracks me up.
oh, you're a womanizer, baby (3) lace up

FUCK RONNY [Thursday 11th Jun @ 7:42pm]
fuck you ronaldo for leaving man u.

u were my favourite player in my favourite club.

fuck now i must support real madrid and man u is it?

very troublesomezXZXzX OKAY SO U BETTER NOT LEAVE.
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[Monday 1st Jun @ 1:58am]
oh yea forgot to add that my lao ban always bully me at work one!
always ask me to make all those phone calls to reject ppl!
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The Old School Camera! [Monday 1st Jun @ 1:48am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I slept at 12plus yesterday, and woke up at a solid 1630 today. Saw my phone, and headed out to have some good ice cream at Udders. Hmmm, snickers honeycomb marsbar rocks my socks! along with those yummy waffles.

Afterwhich we made an impulse decision to go Mt Faber! Sat on those freaking cable cars and wandered into the land of Sentosa for free! Wanted to take the Luge, but then hesitated for 2038290383802 times, before finally deciding not to. LOL

And I kept lamenting on the sad fact of not bringing my camera around! So Friend came up with the idea of getting a disposable cam..at an exorbitant price of 29bucks luh. But we being camwhores, still decided to buy it for 27 exposures. Cam whored with the Merlion, the roads, the fountains, the lights, the everything luh! Neverending tourists and people asking for our help to take photos.

Ended the day with a cable car back to Mt Faber (with an Indian, and a geeky American in tow), we couldn't really create a ruckus on the trip back. Then cam whore abit more at the top of Faber, thought of asking a chinoneh couple to help us take a photo together, but we figured they wouldn't know how to operate the old school cam. So I tried to sought the attention of the waiters at Jewel Box (haha lame attempt that worked). Finally ended the day with a bowl of fish ball mee at ABC market. It was nonetheless, a fun day!

And I do hope those pictures took turned out right!

On another note, weird things have been happening to me lately. For example, I was buying dinner that fine day from a chinoneh..so I was speaking chinese naturally..

ME : "Wo yao lu rou gen ji dan er yi"
CHINONEH : "Ni shi cong zong guo de na yi bu fen?"
I stared at him blankly in his face
ME : "Mei you wo shi xin jia po ren"
Then that bugger started immitating the way I said "ji dan ji dan"

Then just yesterday, I was walking along the stretch of Hillcrest Rd, this guy sees me walking then gets out of his MPV that is parke outside a house.

GUY : "Do you stay here?"
ME : "No" with that shocked expression
GUY : "Do you live around here?"
ME : "No" again with a more WTH expression
GUY : "Are you Singaporean? Cause you don't look like a Singaporean"
ME : "Yes.." in a sheepish tone



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